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Msys Medical Systems® has a lot of expertise in the field of medical technology and treatments, physiotherapy, sports and exercise, statistics and sensor technology. By combining these specialties, we are able to create products that bring results. We are committed to keep improving our products and services.

Innovative technology

Professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists and other medical specialists, health and consumers use our innovative techniques to improve personal health and general healthcare. The demand for effective technology we answer through products and services such as Easytape®, the PelvicTrainer®, the ManuTrainer®, the PainMouse®, Medicalbench® and Taping Instructions®.

Company structure

Msys Medical Systems® consists of two separate companies: Msys AG Holding with Msys Technology work company (Switzerland), and Msys B.V. (The Nederlands, sales).

Essential knowledge

Based on the combination of our expertise Msys® has developed the following vision: each natural individual has his own ability to self-improve physiologically . In other words, what one needs is the essential knowledge of his or her body and effective devices that support him / her in the recovery process.


Msys Medical Systems® offers a wide range of courses. Think of Taping Instructors and Taping Instructions® (online) regarding Easytape®. Soon we expect to offer a new training -based on the PelvicTrainer®- for pelvic physiotherapists.






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