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Easytape for a faster recovery

The Easytape® kinesiotape is elastic and contracts after it has been applied to the skin. This results in pressure drop (pain relief and lymphatic drainage), myofascial control (improved joint control) and stability improvement. Better circulation and moisture removal (drainage) from the tissue results in a faster recovery.


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Myofascial tape techniques

Easytape® is made of high-quality cotton with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer. This makes the tape air and moisture permeable. The skin is ventilated and the user can wear the tape while exercising, showering and sweating. Easytape® also meets the medical quality requirements, is safe to use, contains no latex or zinc and has the TÜV quality mark.

Easytape® training

In the meantime, more than 13,000 (physical) therapists have learned how to tap worldwide through the Easytaping method.


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