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Pelvictrainer: first ever external pelvic floor trainer

Pelvic floor training on strength, coordination, endurance and relaxation

Train on strength, coordination, endurance and relaxation

The Pelvictrainer is a medical device as a solution for strength and coordination improvement of the pelvic floor muscles and for the treatment of disruptions of the pelvic floor. The Pelvictrainer can be used by women, men and children with clothing on at the (pelvic) physiotherapist, at a medical center or in the gym.

The Pelvictrainer® is intended for the treatment of:

  • Lower back problems;
  • Pelvic instability and pain;
  • Urinary incontinence when laughing, coughing or jumping;
  • Sexual dysfunction (such as erectile dysfunction, impotence and vaginismus);



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